electricity will shock you

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phantomwise, dreaming as the summers die
chinguline exchange | for kojafras
Sometimes the fairy tale world is the sanctuary, as opposed to the wolves that wait outside.

spring is the mischief in me
chenpionships, round 2
Agent “Chen”, a corporate spy under the employ of the Intellectual Property Protection and International Cooperation Bureau, retires under the protection of the government. After years of learning how to lie, Kim Jongdae needs to learn how to tell the truth.

slowly, these bodies, possessed by light
chenpionships, round 2
chensoo; a slow romance of two people falling in love, parsec by parsec.

eyes shut and fingers open
onlayforlu exchange | for chansoos
On the eve of a major surgery, Yixing leaves Luhan’s eyes broken. [Alternatively: the people you meet in purgatorial limbo, a spectral odyssey.]

random-chance selection
onlayforlu exchange | for setaxis
A/B/O dystopia!au: Lovecraft 708-53 has no chance for love.

help me get where i belong
onlayforlu exchange | for helaas
When Lu Han can’t sleep, he climbs into Yixing’s bed.

if you were a song (everyone would sing along with you)
onlayforlu exchange | for zhencheng
college au, romance. Zhang Yixing, morning DJ, aspiring actual musician, desperately in need of caffeine.

provisions in the system
fanforyeol exchange | for unfinishedwing
Justice without might is helpless; might without justice is tyrannical. (pascal, 298.)

fell in love with a boy in bloom
thedaelight exchange | for shuxingxing
For someone who remains a heavy contender for the world’s annual ‘Most Selfish Human of the Year’ prize, Baekhyun is weirdly nice.

safe up here with you
thedaelight exchange | for ailiblue
prompt: "Baekhyun on the outside seems to be a really charming kid who is friends with everyone but late every night he confesses his unexplainable loneliness to the moon. Little does he know there is a boy on the moon always listening to him."